Easton AC Pro Stabilizer 24″/29″/34″

RM821.00 RM615.00

The Easton A/C Pro Stabilizer is built for compound and recurve archers alike on the tournament circuit. It’s an incredibly stiff, carbon rod, that weighs next to nothing, yet it soaks up vibration like a sponge. Choose between 24, 29 and 34 inches, and add as many weights as you want, depending on your shooting style.

• Technologically advanced and among the most efficient stabilizers developed
• Incredible stiffness, high-modulus carbon fiber and the high-frequency response preferred by top archers across the globe
• Ultra-High Resonance stabilizer is equipped with proven, low-mass AVRS damping system for shock management
• Compatible with 1/4″-20 weight systems or 5/16″-24 flat vari-weights
• 24″ (4.3 oz.), 29″ (5.0 oz.), 34″ (6.0 oz.)