Easton Prolink Extension 4″/5″/6″

RM349.00 RM261.00

The podium-proven Easton Pro-Link stabilizer extension is reinforced with a full-length Internal Stainless Steel Reinforcement Beam.
This superstrong beam links the precision internal-bonded ferrules at each end to create a torque-resistant system capable of handling heavy loading, abusive v-bar torquing, and the stress of high-energy bows.
The Internal Stainless Steel Beam of Pro-Link Extension has been tested and proven at the highest levels of competition by some of the best archers on the planet.
Pro-Link is also the stiffest extension we’ve ever made.
The precision-made Pro-Link extension is ideally matched to the Easton Contour and Z-Flex system stabilizers, and is fully compatible with most other ATA compliant stabilizer systems with 5/16-24 threads.