Doinker Elite Supreme Long Stabilizer

RM1,472.00 RM1,104.00

The Carbon Elite has been the stabilizer of choice from top compound Pro archers around the world for many years. This is due to all it’s design, features that not only help you hold steady on a windy day, but also take out vibration at the shot.
The Carbon Elite feature a .640 Thousands of an inch Carbon Grid Rod Carbon. A built in Suppression mount at the base of the stabilizer which has a weight rod susprended internally by our ITP material. The ITP material at opposing ends, helps to eliminate vibration, and features a fully adjustable 1-1/8″ Doinker Supreme with Universal Stack Weights. The benefit of the Doinker Supreme is, it allows you to tune the flex of the Doinker in order to get that perfect feel.